A little something about the author

Ari has an inherent passion for words and music. Nicknamed Songbird from a young age, it's telling of her need for creative expression. Her mom also a singer, taught her how to harmonize as they sang together. Her mom would joke that her daughter learned to sing before she could talk. Growing up bilingual, she also has wonderful memories with her father whose own love for words allowed for many enjoyable conversations on the history and etymology of words in both English and Greek (because all words come from the Greek you know).

Her love for creative writing began in the third grade, where she regularly won Spelling Bees, word, essay and short story competitions. Encouraged by her teachers to pursue writing, she excelled in her skills with submissions to local youth magazines and papers.

At 16 she took up piano which lead to further involvement in theater and the arts. Her love of singing became all consuming. A tragic event later in life scarred her vocal chords, leaving her with the inability to sing. She found solace and comfort in her reignited love for the written word, exchanging microphone for pen, another voice as "Poetryflowsthrough".

She thoroughly enjoys her profession of copy edit for websites. However, her deep love for people is the facet she is most drawn to in her freelance work. She finds interviewing individuals for private pieces fascinating as she listen to their stories. As an empath, with a good listening ear, she feels a personal attachment to represent each and every client accurately, creating mood and emotion to their unique story. She captures the energy behind the words and translates moments into magical keepsakes of personalized life poetry.

Her passion for writing and oral narration has grown to include thousands of pieces of poetry, short stories, and life quotes. She is aspiring to write a book.

She is a recovering Scrabble addict and is a self-proclaimed Boggle Queen.